Android brings its Update for the Nexus Line Gadgets

Google will soon launch its Android 5.0 L upgrade which will be functional on Nexus gadgets like: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and the most recent Nexus 10. The company has not made public any release date but there are various rumors spreading around on the basis of the precedent Google launches.

Google has managed to launch two variants of the Android every year, one in summer and the other one in late autumn. It has been observed that every important Android upgrade was closely followed by the release of a brand new Nexus gadget. But this year Google wants to change the pattern a little bit.

It appears that the company is taking Apple’s model when it comes to launching products. What does Apple’s launching pattern look like? First Apple announces its iOS upgrades in summer at the WWDC. The announcement is followed by the release of the beta for the developers while the public gets the upgrade in autumn. This year, Google presented its Android L at the Google I/O. It was available for download in the form of Developer Preview and there are high chances for the public at large to receive it this autumn once the new Nexus is announced.

Google has plans to launch a program similar to Nexus named Android Silver, which will put an end to the Nexus line. But the Google representative has said that the company does not want to give up to its Nexus and as a consequence the entire network was invaded by news of the future Nexus gadgets. First were the rumors about some Nexus tablet produced by HTC and having the strange name of Volantis. It is said that the gadget will have a screen of 8.9 inch and an aspect ratio of 4:3. The processor will be a 64 bit one. News about the Nexus 6 came from various sources during the past weeks. It appears that the mobile phone is manufactured by Motorola and has the name of Shamu. It appears to have a Quad HD screen equal to 5.2 inches. It also has a processor of the quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU type. The main camera is equal to 13 megapixels and the random access memory is of three gigabytes. Both gadgets will be functioning on Android 5.0 L.

It is very well known the fact that every new version of Android has a number and it bears the name of a dessert. For the time being the new upgrade is known as Android L, but it will definitely be released under a different name, like Android 5.0. Some sources claim that the upgrade will be called either Licorice or Lollipop.

The Android 5.0L is the most important upgrade that Android has made since 2008. It is more important than the upgrade from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich. The Android 5.0 L has been designed with the purpose of being more intuitive by means of the 3D shadows and effects. The interface looks better. The colors are richer and there is more animation.

The Android 5.0L has a new lock screen and a new notifications bar. It is now possible to interact with the notifications. The notifications can be prioritized on how often the user interacts with them. The notification bar has also got a changed color scheme. The Quick Settings button has gone away but the menu is still there with another looks. The Quick Settings menu has the usual toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound and Locations and some extra like Rotation Lock and Do Not Disturb. The Brightness Control has the form of a slider and there is the “Adaptive Brightness” instead of “Auto Brightness.

The status bar has also been changed, having quite a different behavior. It is transparent while on the home and lock screen and it is colored while opening an application. The screen, with multitasking features is better as well. It has got an interface based on a card. Some applications present more than just one card.

The upgrade will be functional on Nexus line devices like the Nexus 4,5,7 and Nexus 10. Then the upgrade will be available for the Google Play Experience. Probably, Motorola will update its devices functioning on Android. The HTC devices will probably get the upgrade in ninety days after Google gives green line to the final code. LG, Sony, Samsung and other companies producing gadgets running on Android will probably get the upgrade towards the end of the present year or beginning of the new.

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