Do iPhone Users Really Want a Bigger Phone?

According to recent rumors and leaks, the new iPhone 6 produced by Apple is going to be bigger than the 5S and the 5C versions. However, a recently sprung video has pointed out that phone users might not want a bigger mobile phone.

Thus, a very famous YouTube video provider specialized in technical reviews and having the nickname UrAvgConsumer, carried out an experiment of his one using an iPhone 5S as well as a dummy model of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6.

His subjects were chosen randomly from the New York population. The up loader gave the people he interviewed the dummy mobile phone so as to see if they showed any interest in iPhone 6, which is supposed to be launched in September this year.  Rumors say that Apple wants to release on the market two versions of the iPhone 6: the 4.7 inch variant and the 5.5 inches one. The present iPhone 5S has a dimension equal to 3.99 inches.

Business Insider stated that the reactions people had when seeing the “new phone”, were quite mixed up. The reported pointed out that there would always be consumers asking for bigger screens. However, the “wow” reactions that UrAvgConsumer got when showing people the phone, were more related to the lightness of the gadget and not so much to its screen size. A few of the subjects even said that the design of the new Apple phone was quite similar to the one belonging to Samsung’s Galaxy.

The journalist of Business Insider points out that people do not object to the larger display of the iPhone 6; however they are neither impressed by it. They make comments about its weight, design as well as about the round edges that remind them of the iPod Touch. People enjoy larger screens but they want a gadget that can easily go into their pockets.

iPhone FAQ revealed that the price of iPhone 5 S dropped earlier in the week. This happened after Walmart lowered the prices of the Apple mobile phones. Thus, Walmart clients can buy an iPhone 5C for 29 US dollars and an iPhone 5 S for the price of 99 US dollars.

The Video Test of the Supposed iPhone 6 Sapphire

It has already become something commonplace to have leaks about the new iPhones created by Apple. It is almost impossible to keep them hidden from the public eye.

The first information to reach the public at large was that concerning the capacity of the battery of the soon-to-be-release iPhone 4.7 inch and iPhone 5.5 inch versions. Earlier this week smart phone fans have been given a delicious treat: a video posted on YouTube with the purpose to point out the display of the iPhone 6, which is supposed to be made out of sapphire.

The video loaded by Brownlee Marques (a very well-known reviewer of gadgets) presents the display made of sapphire of a smart phone, which is supposed to be the new iPhone 6. In the video, viewers can see the durability on the new Apple display.

In the video we can see Marques actually scratching the durable display with some keys and even with a knife. The display is exaggeratedly bent over but it does not receive a single crack, thus pointing out Apple’s investment in durability and flexibility.

There are some previous reports that claimed that iPhone 6 featuring a 5.5 inch display made of sapphire would be made in a limited edition, due to the high production costs.

Another video loaded up on YouTube presents the measuring process of a supposed iPhone 6, which according to the video has a display equal to 4.7 inches. In the video we can see a person measuring some white unit with the help of a tape pointing out that the diagonal of the screen is equal to 4.7 inches, the length has 4.1 inches, while the width is equal to 2.36 inches. The video has been made viral by the Australian Sonny Dickson, a teenager who has become quite famous due to the unofficial images of iPhone 5 which he had managed to provide before the actual release of the phone.

Phone enthusiasts also obtained some images showing the front panel of the phone. The pictures were provided by Nowhereeles. It the images we can see the supposed black and white version of the iPhone 6.

A reported claimed that Foxconn the manufacturer of Apple iPhones is making use of about 10.000 robots called the “Foxbots” on the its factory assembly lines in order to speed up the production of iPhone 6.

It has also been speculated that the phone is going to be launched in September the 15th, in both its versions (the 4.7 and the 5.5 inches versions). Another rumor spread the idea that the name of the 5.5 inches iPhone model is going to be iPhone Air.