New Google Innovations for Android

The internet giant company, Google has directed its forces into improving the mapping services of all smart phones running on Android. Google is preparing to launch an upgrade of the Google Maps for its Android software. The 8.2 version of Google Maps is going to be extremely important for cyclists because it will have the capacity to present statistics about elevations. Thus, the bikers will be able to make a detour and will not have to climb a hill unless they really want to. In order to make things more interesting Google has opted to enrich the navigation system with voice control.

The information on elevation is definitely going to help cyclists since it will give them approximations about the elevation while still being on the route. The elevation will be graphically represented under the form of a timeline and the measuring unit for the height will be the meter. This new characteristic still appears as a beta in Google Maps. This means only one thing: there are some more improvements on the way. The elevation characteristic has the ability to make a comparison between various routes, giving the cyclists the possibility that suits their purposes the best.

It is obvious that Google has not lost sight of its non-bikers clients when it comes to the upgrades of the Google Maps. Thus, the mapping service of Android has been enriched with voice commands that offer information on traffic, next-turns and they even estimate the time of the car travel.

Android Police has done a review on this new voice control feature created by Google for Android. The team from the Android Police says that they have observes that the new voice commands are extremely but extremely sensitive. Thus, if the phrase is not uttered exactly, the voice command does not function at all. They consider it even more sensitive the common Google search voice. For the time being this new adjustment appears to be rather frustrating.

There are also some YouTube videos which have been uploaded by the Android Police with the specific aim to demonstrate how the new Google Maps 8.2 actually operates.

For the time being the upgrade is available only for Android variant of the Google Maps service. However, it will soon run on all other devices. Up till now, there is no even a piece of information or a hint about when this new upgrade will be functional for iOS. However, Google is interested in having its upgrades being functional on each of these platforms and therefore the owners of iPads as well as iPhones can start looking for this new version of the Google Maps.

The upgrade for the elevation statistic made its apparition in the month of May. However, the mobile applications were not a part of the upgrade planned by Google.

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