Siri will be running on MacBook and Macs

The famous voice assistant created by Apple, the Siri, has high chances of running on Macbooks starting with this coming autumn. This rumor is backed up by the information that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has given a patent for the desktop computer alternative of Siri.

The Siri made its apparition in 2011 and it soon became highly popular. It was running on the iPhone 4S. Apple is trying now to transform Siri into an effective digital assistant for more customers. The paten that Apple has received contains the name ‘Intelligent Digital Assistant”. The patent also describes the usefulness of Siri for Mac possessors. The Siri is turned active by using voice commands or gestures.

The “Hey Siri” functioning on iOS 8 allows smart phones running on this operating system to get active at this command. Siri will actually communicate with the user by filing questions and responding to commands. The desktop Siri will be much more complex than the smart phone Siri. For example the Siri can be utilized as a cursor in order to give information on its ability to perform the commands received from the user.

This Apple virtual assistant also has the ability to arrange the folders and the files within the Finder. Moreover, the user can drag and drop files from application to application.

It is also explained in the patent that the Siri can be used on the Mac in a similar way to the mouse of the keyboard. Thus, the user will be perfectly capable of working with application in both the background and the foreground. This patent represents a step forward for Siri, which moves on from mobile gadgets to desktop computers. But a lot of additional and complex work needs to be done in order for the Siri to be really useful.

Unfortunately, the Siri will not be functioning on X Yosemite operating system.

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