Windows Phone 8 M and Windows Phone will make a Good Team

Various smart phones have hit the market this year, but probably one of the best is the HTC One M8. Being the successor of the HTC One M7, the new phone has a wonderful aluminum design and two front facing speakers. A few improvements to the overall aspect and the HTC One has high chances of being a successful phone for the years to come.

Like many other phones on the market the new HTC will have to versions. This is not extraordinary, it is common practice. But the difference between the two versions would be given not by the screen size but by the systems operating on them. Thus, HTC will have a model of M8 functioning on Android and another model running on Windows Phone 8.1. It is quite a strange decision that might confuse buyers.

The Windows Phone did not have the start it wanted. However, it has to be admitted that it is attracting more and more users. Windows Phone provides its users nice experience but unfortunately it lacks the applications that have made iOS and Android so popular. The Windows Phone is efficient but not outstanding.

Windows Phone 8 is not going to attract more customers just by taking over the looks of a HTC M8. But since the Windows Phone 8.2 and the HTC phone running on Windows Phone that are high chances for the smart phone to sell pretty well. The combination represented by the exquisite design of the HTC and the new Windows upgrade might turn out to be a winner one after all.

Lots of users would like to know if HTC has in its plans to preserve the four megapixel camera for the model running on the Windows Phone operating system or if it is going to bring something different.  The greatest strength of Windows Phone is the quality of the camera. The best qualities of the HTC are the elegant design and the front face speakers. However, if the producers rely only on these qualities then the combination might be quite difficult to sell.

The M8 might some sort of reward for buyers who have been deprived by lots of experiences since Windows Phone did not feel the need to stand out in the spec area. The Windows Phone is famous for having the capacity to run on very low specs which is due its extreme minimalism.

The HTC One M8 is a great Android gadget. Hopefully it will be equally great while running on the Windows Phone operating system.

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